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Festival Date: June 16, 2018

Mission Statement

Buy Phentermine Canadian Pharmacy The purpose of Michigan Pride is to promote pride in and knowledge of the richness and diversity of the community primarily through the organization and promotion of the annual statewide LGBT Pride events (March, Rally, Festival, etc) held in the state capital (Lansing). Michigan Pride is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization. Our main mission is to educate the Greater Michigan community to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues and concerns. This includes, but is not limited to, equal rights for the LGBT community, celebrating marriage equality, and keeping LGBT families intact. We are also here to educate the LGBT and ally community about concerns that affect the LGBT population and are committed to working at the intersections of sexuality, gender, race, and class. By producing the annual pride events (March, Rally, Festival, etc.) we also hope to bring together members of the statewide LGBT community in hopes that our solidarity will make us a stronger, healthier, and more vital community.

Why We Value Our Vendors & Exhibitors

Michigan Pride was created by the Michigan Organization on Human Rights to mark the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the beginning of the gay rights movement. In the last quarter-century, it has become one of the largest annual rallies for queer rights in the state.

Each year, thous ands of participants revel in the celebration. Michigan Pride brings together LGBTQ and straight allied families, friends, organizations, and businesses. Everyone, from infants to seniors, many races and nationalities, and all spectrums of gender and sexual orientation, gather, adding to the feeling of community.

Your presence as a vendor or exhibitor makes it possible for our annual parade, rally and festival to be the most incredible experience for an individual that finally realizes “they are not alone,” and that they are welcomed as equals by our presenting vendors and exhibitors. Also, please consider joining us in our parade and be a volunteer.

The LGBTQ community is one of the most brand-loyal segments in America, and your donation will be recognized by the LGBTQ community as your dedication and support of our community. We are a 100% volunteer organization from the board of directors to the general volunteers. We depend on your support. Thank you!

Our festival attendees enjoy perusing the vendor booths, collecting promotional items, purchasing Pride swag, learning about your group’s purpose, and becoming a member of your organization.

Why Be a Vendor/Exhibitor?

Vendors receive an excellent return on their investment at the Michigan Pride Festival. Vendors and exhibitors at Michigan Pride have the opportunity to directly interact with thousands of LGBTQ people and their allies. Vendors of all varieties — for-profit businesses and non-profit causes, political candidates and artists, retailers and game operators – will discover a captive audience interested in their products and message. Market studies show that LGBTQ people make up a very brand-loyal and -conscious market more prone to support businesses and organizations that show their support for the LGBTQ community. Past vendors and exhibitors include:

  • Artists and art organizations
  • Souvenir and merchandise retailers
  • Games, attractions, and novelty booths
  • LGBTQ-friendly businesses seeking to recruit new employees and customers
  • Political candidates interested in meeting with constituents
  • HIV and other health testing
  • Social and sports organizations seeking new members
  • Educational and political organizations distributing information
  • Food vendors


Vendor & Exhibitor FAQs



Phentermine Hcl Purchase Registration Dates

Applications due May 30 ♦ Payments due June 2

Phentermine Mexico Online NO PACKETS ACCEPTED AFTER 11:59 PM 6/2/2017

Phentermine Sold Online Payments

Where To Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Mg Food Vendors (electricity included) $150

Buy Phentermine 37.5 From Canada Non-Food (with electricity) $95

Buy Phentermine From China Non-Food (without electricity) $75 Non-Profit $50 NOTICE 

Michigan Pride reserves the right to reject applications. FOOD VENDORS

Michigan Pride makes every effort to ensure clean, professional, and diverse food vending and food truck offerings for each event. The selection of vendors is based on a variety of factors including amount of space available, menu presentation, and the desires of the festival.

Food vendors must provide/bring their own fresh water holding tank, grey water holding tank, and all food and heating equipment. Electricity is included in the cost of the vendor space; vendors must specify all type(s) of plugs that will be used at least 2 weeks prior to the festival. All food vendors will be subject to inspection by the local health department the day prior to the event, and must provide permit and for approval.

Phentermine 37.5Mg Online APPLICATION PROCESS

Please fill out the application below as thoroughly as possible.

DO NOT send any payments at this time.

We will consider your application for and will notify you if you will be invited to participate with us at a festival.

Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. Payment: Payment is only due once you have been accepted. A $50 charge will be assessed for returned checks.

Phentermine Online China Refund Policy: If the withdraw is made 30 days or more prior to the first day of the event, you can receive a 50% refund on your space fee. No refunds will be given within 30 days of the event because they will be committed to the event production. Details: Included in your festival fee is booth space. Tables, chairs, electrical access are all available for an additional fee. Your tent, signs, equipment, are your responsibility with rare exceptions.

Buy Generic Phentermine Imprint E5000 Beverage Policy: No alcoholic beverages may be sold from your booth at any time.

Buy Phentermine Online China Electricity: Electricity will be provided to all food vendors. Each vendor/exhibitor is responsible for providing cords and hook-ups. It is vital that we know all equipment being used so that we can ensure a proper connection is made available to you.

Phentermine 30 Trash: Vendors/exhibitors are responsible for collecting and properly bagging trash within their sales location. Our clean-up crew will collect properly bagged trash from outside of the booth location.


Use the top drop down menu below to complete payment.


First, select your fee from the top drop down menu.  You’ll be taken to the PayPal website.  Login if needed.

Second, navigate back to this page and select the number of tables & chairs you need to rent.

PayPal will AUTOMATICALLY combine both choices into one invoice for you to pay.


Tables & Chairs

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