Our festival attendees enjoy perusing the vendor booths, collecting promotional items and Pride swag, learning about your group and its purpose, and becoming a member of your organization.

Why Be an Exhibitor/Vendor?

Vendors receive an excellent return on their investment at the Michigan Pride Festival. Vendors and exhibitors at Michigan Pride have the opportunity to directly interact with thousands of LGBTQ people and their allies. Vendors of all varieties — for-profit businesses and non-profit causes, political candidates and artists, retailers and game operators – will discover a captive audience interested in their products and message. Market studies show that LGBTQ people make up a very brand-loyal and -conscious market more prone to support businesses and organizations that show their support for the LGBTQ community.

Past vendors and exhibitors include:

  • Artists and art organizations.
  • Souvenir and merchandise retailers.
  • Games, attractions, and novelty booths.
  • LGBTQ-friendly businesses seeking to recruit new employees and customers.
  • Political candidates interested in meeting with constituents.
  • HIV and other health testing.
  • Social and sports organizations seeking new members.
  • Educational and political organizations distributing information.
  • Food vendors.

Important Event Information and Dates

Please read our VENDOR INFORMATION FORM here.

Food vendors must provide all food and heating equipment, but will be given electrical and water access. All food carts will be subject to inspection by the local health department the day prior to the event, and must provide permit for approval.


Fill out the application below, then use the dropdown beneath that to complete payment.

Vendor Application